Monday, August 20, 2012

Android Veetle 2.0.5 apk

One of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store is Veetle. This app is indeed popular and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands people. Recently, the developer on this app updates it to new version, Veetle 2.0.5. This version brings many extra features and improvements. Surely, it's going to make you really like it more. If you've previously set up Veetle on the android device or tablet, you only should update it. Otherwise, you can also get Veetle 2.0.5 in the link we present on this page. However, before download this application, we advise that you read more what you can get within this app.

Veetle 2.0.5

Features of Veetle 2.0.5 Android

You almost certainly ask us what you will get with this app. The following is description of Veetle according to official page on Android Market.

Watch and broadcast live video in fast & crystal clear quality.

Veetle lets you broadcast and watch live video on your Android phone or tablet. With Veetle you can easily browse, view and share live videos.

You can also "Go Live" from your Android devices with Veetle. Create your own live video broadcasts and share your live video broadcasts with friends and family.

What can you do with Veetle?
* Watch live video from around the world
* Share live streaming video with others
* See popular video broadcasts from the Veetle community
* Broadcast live video of what's happening around you in an easy to use interface with one button broadcasting
* Quickly share your events with friends and family

And here are the extra features inside the newest version of this application, Veetle 2.0.5 apk android:

* Fullscreen & Landscape by default when playing video.
* HD option to switch between high definition video and low definition video.
* Ability to auto-pause & auto-resume from screen lock & unlock.
* Improved stability.

Veetle 2.0.5

So, are you interested to download this application in your android device? Download Veetle 2.0.5 immediately in your android device from this link.


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